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Educate Yourself

Dental Plans

We offer both Group and Individual Dental Plans. We have full dental insurance and discount plans. Dental insurance can be critical to you and your families health. Please note the information that follows.

The Oral Cavity

  1. There are 100,000,000,000,000 bacteria per mouth.
  2. There are over 700 different types.
  3. Most are harmless and/or helpful.
  4. There are a “Dirty Dozen” which are considered pathologic bacteria.

Oral Infections

  1. Excessive and untreated Biofilm production (Plaque) has been link to tooth decay.
  2. Gingivitis and periodontis (Periodontal Disease) has also been linked to Plaque build up.


  1. Excessive Oral Bacteria build up can create pathways to infection in other parts of the body including the heart.
  2. Resulting Bacterial Endocarditis can lead to a need for a prosthetic heart valve of death.

Oral Cancer

  1. Approximately 31,000 Americans are diagnosed with Oral Cancer each year claiming 9,000 lives.
  2. The five year survival rate is 57%
  3. If caught early, the survival rate is 81%.
  4. A “Brush Biopsy” and Oral exam can save your life and prevent costly treatments.


  1. There is emerging evidence of the association and direct link to periodontal disease to glycemic control.
  2. Preliminary results show that people with diabetes who have their teeth cleaned professionally four times per year can better manage their blood glucose levels.
  3. Every 1 point reduction in HbA1c reduces risk of diabetic complications to the eye, kidney, and nerves by 40%.

There are more health benefits and positive side effects associated with good oral hygiene than outlined here. But a plan of regular cleanings and exams by a dental professional can result in overall better health. Resulting increases in worker productivity and decreased absenteeism often means a dental plan can save a company money. Let us explain!

What did you have in mind? Let’s find a solution together. For more information on this and other subjects call Bruce at 407-765-9444 or fill out the form on our Contact Page. You may also refer to out Learning Center on this subject in the menu on the left.



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