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Individual & Family Health Insurance Plans


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Educate Yourself

Let us help you navigate the choices. There are several moving parts to a health plan. The first is the Type of Plan. You may choose a 100% plan, a co-pay plan with coinsurance, or an HSA.

100% Plans generally pay all the medical bills outlined in the policy after the deducible is paid. Some may also feature co-pays.

Co-Pay Plans pay a portion of the medical bills outlined in the policy after the deductible is paid. You pay the balance (Coinsurance) up to a maximum amount. Example: you have an 80/20 plan with a $1,500 deductible with a $1,500 out of pocket maximum (Coinsurance). You would pay the first $1,500; then 20% of the remaining bills until you reach another $1,500. At that point the plan converts to a 100% plan. Doctor & Prescription co-pays are generally not part of these calculations. Also, you may have a separate drug deductible in some plans. You should also consider how many deductible and coinsurance amounts there are per family. Generally there are 2 or 3 per family.

HSA's are Health Savings Accounts. If your tax bracket is 25% or greater you may want consider this type of plan. Under current US tax code you cannot deduct medical expenses from you taxes until they exceed 7.5% of your gross income. If your gross income last year was $100,000, you can not deduct medical expenses until they exceeded $7,500. If you had an HSA, you can deduct your expenses from the first dollar. In short, why not have Uncle Sam pay for part of your medical expenses?

Another thing to consider is the lifetime maximum the plan covers per person. In the current market, the range is from 1 million to 8 million.

Individual plans do not cover pregnancy as a general rule but can be purchased as a rider from some plans. There are also other options such as Dental or Vision that may be available.

If you wish to shop direct please click on the links below. You can shop and buy health insurance at your own pace. You can also call Bruce At 407-765-9444 fill out the Contact Page. We can then guide you through the process over the phone or schedule a personal visit.

If, due a medical condition, you cannot get health insurance or feel you cannot afford it at this time, a measure of protection may be found through one of our discount medical plans. A link to those plans is also found below.

What did you have in mind? Letís find a solution together. For more information on this and other subjects call Bruce at 407-765-9444 or fill out the form on our Contact Page. You may also refer to out Learning Center on this subject in the menu on the left.



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